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Everyone has those friends. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been, or how badly they’ve occasionally behaved, or how late it is when that call finally comes—you show up. No questions asked.

Honestly, that’s how the five of us ended up here in the Catskills. We did have the best of intentions. Especially after what happened to Alice all those years ago, we can’t bear to think of losing anyone else. In fact, we’ll do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ll go so much farther than we ever thought we would.

In the end, maybe that’s what caught up with us. That, and the fact that we’re such a complicated group—so much history and so many big personalities. Secrets, too, that can slip out at the most inopportune moments. Of course, we love each other despite all of those things. We love each other no matter what.

There’s something so beautiful about that kind of unconditional love. It can turn ugly, though. Or maybe that’s just us. After all, we’ve already been through so much together. And we have so very much to hide.

Friends Like These on Goodreads

Friends Like These on Goodreads

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“Kim McCreight’s thrillers are smart, propulsive and impossible to put down.”
— Laura Dave, author of The Last Thing He Told Me

“I was so thrilled to get an early look at Kimberly McCreight’s newest, Friends Like These. I flew through the book in a day.  With twists and turns and secrets on every page, and an ending you WILL NOT SEE COMING, this one is utterly unforgettable.” 
— Sally Hepworth, author of The Good Sister

“A masterclass in thriller writing. Perfectly plotted and full of genuine surprises, this book had me rapt from start to finish. Kimberly McCreight is a sensational writer, and with Friends Like These she is at the top of her game.”
— Cristina Alger, author of Girls Like Us

“Years’ worth of friendship, secrets, cover-ups and lies lead to one intensely satisfying, jaw-dropping conclusion in this expertly plotted novel by master of suspense Kimberly McCreight. Friends Like These is sensational and makes you wonder how well you can ever know even your closest friends.”
Mary Kubica, author of Local Woman Missing

“Kimberly McCreight takes us through a juicy labyrinth of lies and secrets among a privileged set of friends you’ll love to hate, and hate to love.”
— Ashley Audrain, author of The Push

“A brilliantly constructed puzzle of a novel—a shocking portrait of regret, grief, and dark loyalty.”
— Julie Clark, author of The Last Fight

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